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Over the past several decades, contemporary circus has become increasingly recognized as a sophisticated art form, one just as deserving of a high-level educational experience as other visual and performance genres around which college and conservatory curricula have been established.

But while recreational circus is booming in the United States, in-country educational opportunities for American students grind to a halt after high school. Because the U.S. does not offer any college level degree programs in circus arts, aspiring American artists must leave their home country in order to undergo professional training that includes the many benefits of a liberal arts education.

Circus Conservatory of America (CCA) has been established in order to meet this need. On track to be the country’s first accredited circus college, the college’s mission is:

“To form, develop, and operate a higher education institution dedicated to the teaching and advancement of circus.”



Circus Conservatory of America is dedicated to training students to become both masters of the circus arts and educated global citizens. Through the benefits of a progressive liberal arts education, rooted in the academic traditions and adapted to meet the needs of both traditional and non-traditional learners, students gain the skills needed to understand, analyze, and construct the many aspects of circus creation and production. Graduates will leave the Conservatory with the skills necessary to manage diverse careers in the performing arts.



Circus Conservatory of America seeks to enroll a highly qualified and diverse student body. Individuals seeking admission to the college will be those wishing to prepare for careers in the circus arts and closely allied fields. Circus Conservatory of America does not and will not discriminate against any prospective student on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or ethnic background, level of family income, marital and parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or disability. This policy encompasses all programs and institutional relationships with which the Conservatory has or may become involved.



Circus Conservatory of America seeks to grant degrees at both the BFA and BA levels.

Understanding that a student’s personal and professional goals may shift over the course of their educational experience, the Circus Conservatory of America program is designed to allow students substantial influence in determining what a career in the circus arts means for them and the educational tools they need to get there. Offering both BFA and BA track options allows greater flexibility in the direction in which Conservatory students may go and in which the college may take them.

All CCA students will:
• master a circus discipline in one or more of the following categories: acrobatics, aerials, balance, manipulation, physical theater;
• receive training in recreational coaching, business management, and social circus advocacy;
• fulfill BFA/BA requirements in the primary five liberal arts categories in such a way that this coursework relates directly to a career in circus arts;
• combine traditional classroom learning with self-directed study in order to discover and maximize their unique learning style.



Admission to Circus Conservatory of America will be a highly selective two-part process that includes an application and audition. The Circus Conservatory of America admissions team will review all application materials. Those fulfilling the application requirements will be invited to attend one of several live auditions. During the audition process, each candidate will be evaluated by the admissions team based on his or her:

• degree of excellence and/or potential in a primary specialty within one of the five circus arts performance categories;
• physical preparedness, including coordination, spatial orientation, flexibility, strength, and body awareness;
• dedication to circus arts culture;
• attitude toward learning;
• commitment to safety—both their own and others